Remembering the one you love with a Grave Tombstone.

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Headstones, normally made from stone, are markers that are placed on graves. They will most likely have the name, date of birth, date of death inscribed . A personal note or prayer can also be in most cases added onto the stone. Memorials like graves are there to provide a place of remembrance for family and friends. Sometimes the names of members of the family can be added onto a stone through the years. Once these names are added, a headstone can often show a history of a family over several decades. Gravestones can also represent the wealth and prominence of a person in a particular community, acknowledging their prosperity and status. Some people even erect their very own gravestones while they are still alive. In the past, the very wealthy would also provide elaborate memorials or plaques, placed inside churches to commemorate their lives and contributions to society. Crematories offer a similar service when someone is cremated. It offers the remaining family members with a place to mourn and remember their loved ones. Commemorative plaques will likely be placed inside a crematorium in these cases. They may be hand carved or cast and become made out of a wide variety of decorative materials.

Initially, a tombstone actually described the lid of a stone coffin. These lids could possibly be engraved and decorated to appreciate the life story and accomplishments belonging to the deceased. Hundreds of years ago a tombstone would be the actual coffin itself, and also a gravestone would be the big stone slab that covered a grave. Nowadays, tombstones or gravestones are terms that can be used to describe the Burial Markers or stones placed in the head of graves. About Two centuries ago, the tradition would have been to place additional stones at the foot end of the grave. These footstones may be placed round the whole perimeter belonging to the grave. Not a lot of information would be carved into these footstones, except the initials and date of death of the deceased. Over the years, many cemeteries have removed footstones to help make the maintenance of the graves and also the graveyards easier.
It might be overwhelming when picking out the design of a headstone whenever a loved one has died. It is therefore extremely important to familiarise yourself with all the basics of headstone construction, and also with cemetery regulations. Many cemeteries have their own regulations with regards to the size of the headstone, and also the materials it may be made of. You don't have to purchase your headstone through the cemetery where the plot is. In fact, you can save yourself quite a bit of money by purchasing it through a third party. For more information visit us at We have been family owned and operated since 1920, and our work has a lifetime guarantee. Make sure your loved ones get the remembrance they deserve.
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Remembering the one you love with a Grave Tombstone.

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Remembering the one you love with a Grave Tombstone.

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